CIF Research - Who We Are

CIF Research was established in 2012 in London and is the younger branch of the IFF International group.  The IFF International group, combined has over 25 years of experience in the Market Research industry. 

Tom Abele founded the company in 1993 in Germany, but after perceiving the huge and growing demand for telephone research, Tom transformed a small local business in Germany into an International fieldwork agency. 

Today, IFF International operates with branches in Frankfurt (DE), London (UK), Palermo (IT) and conducts close to 300 research projects annually.

Everyone at CIF Research is different, but we all have one thing in common: Our genuine care that we relinquish, for one goal; to achieve excellence.

Our team is young, talented and enthusiastic, with a passionate way of working and a management involvement throughout, inducing confidence and a trusted relationship to our clients.

CIF Research Team

CIF Research Team
CIF Research team in London, UK.

We believe in free speech – A genuine, constructive opinion, thought or idea that impacts, changes and shapes the way we work and think. With over 25 years of experience in providing telephone research, we continue to innovate and bring new ways of reaching your audience.

Meet Our Team

Over 25 years of combined experience in the market research industry. Staying true to the name of our parent company, IFF International

Federica Curcuru

General Manager

Federica is a proactive young manager who started her professional career in Market research back in 2010.

During the company’s early years, Federica was part of the start-up branch in London. She has been General Manager since then, successfully managing a team that counts today with 8 full time employees and 50 Interviewers.

In addition to running the company and setting the overall strategy, she remains actively involved in many departments of the company, coordinating the team and overseeing the completion of International multi-country projects.

CIF Research Ari

Ari Koskinen

Project manager

Ari is an industrious Project Manager with more than 10 years of research experience. 

He regularly works on a wide range of B2B, consumer and international projects, covering a variety of industry sectors by using traditional and experimental approaches for national and international clients. 

His organisational skills and clear and direct approach are key ingredients for the successful completion of our client’s research projects.


Syri Kullashi


Syri is the latest addition to the team. 

He is a marketing enthusiast with more than and 10 years in the market research industry  and 9 years of commercial and design experience in B2B and B2C sector developing successful marketing plans, strategies and campaigns. 

He is very keen to broaden horizons and to work  collaboratively in a team, creating strong bonding relationships with all stakeholders and clients.


Zayn Anver-Ali

Fieldwork Supervisor

Zayn is a hardworking and committed young supervisor always very keen and willing to learn.

He is passionate about languages and has a great attention to detail supporting the Interviewing team and monitoring their performances to ensure quality results for the client and in the daily life of a fieldwork agency.


Massimo Mazzanti

data programmer

Massimo is a data analyst with 8 years working experience in data analysis and automating business processes for various industries.

He combines a technical and professional background with expertise in programming, software solutions development and database management, to bring continuous improvements focusing on delivering efficiencies whilst optimising performance.

CIF Research Nadia

Nadia Dillon

supervisor fieldwork

Nadia is a motivated and ambitious young woman who is very keen and good with people.

With a mixed background in the filming industry and market research, her diverse experience enables to her to put the extra effort to deliver successful results and manage our Interviewing team.

She is the rock for our Interviewers who can count on her for support and deep training for every project.

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