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Innovative data collection agency specialising in telephone research and behavioural recruitment using CubeSurvey.

Data Collection, Made Simple.

Everyone can collect data, but not everyone is a Data Collection Agency. What makes the difference is the keen eye for detail and quality. 

We believe in providing options, always working to improve and innovate data collection. Providing our traditional method of Telephone Research and our new approach for social recruitment, CubeSurvey.

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Telephone Research


Social Sampling

Our Data Collection Values

The three pillars, integrated and embedded deep into our work ethics - stretching out to our fieldwork and our most valuable asset, the interviewers.


We care for our data collection process - putting our heart and soul to excellence.

The key to getting through to the genuine and successful feedback from your audience is treating the call in a profound and intellectual manner.  Accepting that there is ‘no room for error’ and investing in quality assurance and in our interviewers’ telephone skills to become more versatile in the ever-changing world of research and technology.

Every interview, and every call, is personal to us and treated with respect and care.

We work to transform a group of people into a team, to truly collaborate and create trust.​


As a team, we have a circle of trust. And you're invited.

Creating a personal connection with the team and further understanding their skillset and characteristics which enables us to forge trust.  Manifesting time and extensive training of new ways to collaborate together in our fieldwork – with you, in the centre. 

Our interviewers are the most valuable asset in the company – to whom we entrust interviews to be carried out.


Staying true and open to better your experience with our interviews.

We like to be open – Eliminating hidden agendas and conditions.  Going the extra mile to offer availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making.

Giving you a window of transparency into the world of data collection and a chance to meet and speak with our interviewers.

Together, through the journey of our interviews, from beginning to end providing total transparency.​​

Staff from our branches are members of